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Why you shouldn't use free proxies?

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A good proxy server is a way to ensure security and anonymity on the Internet. Unfortunately, the quality of most free servers leaves much to be desired. Their bandwidth is limited, they do not work fast enough, and you cannot count on technical support in case of any problems. Residential proxies are a much better solution.


How do free proxies work?

Before you give up on a proven residential proxy server, you need to know that servers available for free are highly suspicious. By entering them, you will not incur any fees. Meanwhile, their owners have to make money somehow. As a result, it turns out that they often collect and then sell user metadata. This is certainly not something you care about if you are reaching for a proxy server.

Do free proxies keep you safe?

If you want to be sure that a proxy server will keep you safe, choose the best residential proxies. It turns out that free public servers do not encrypt Internet users' traffic. This means that their use is actually pointless. They do not provide a way to hide from, for example, your network provider. Moreover, they do not provide sufficient protection against leaking the real IP address.

Does a free proxy server hack ports?

Many free proxy servers rely on open ports. This is a huge security risk. The most frequently hacked ports are currently:

  • FTP;
  • DNS;
  • http;
  • https.

When you decide to use a paid server, you can be sure that it is properly secured. So you don't have to worry about data leakage.

Do free proxies provide stable speeds?

If you care about the stable operation of your proxy server and want to be sure that it will have good throughput, free servers are not the best solution. In this case, it is definitely better to invest in a paid server. The ones offered by Local Proxies deserve attention. It focuses on safe and stable solutions.