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Custom-made enduro bikes: the way adventure is built

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Every enduro MTB fan knows how important it is to have ultimate precision and a proper safety guarantee at the same time.

When going downhill on the steepest slope out there in the mountains or through a forest covered wilderness – a reliable bike is the key to an ultimate pleasure. Ready to learn more?

Safety first

Without any doubt, a good bike should be a safe bike. This is a priority to every decent manufacturer. That includes custom bike builders as well. There are plenty of safety regulations that need to be executed before a real-deal enduro MTB bike can be delivered to a customer. That's why you need to choose a company that provides the best parts and actually tests their products.

Every single aspect must be investigated, especially when bikes are being customized by hand. Serious accidents happen not only because of somebody's recklessness, but also because there has been a fault of procedures during manual customization. And this is what makes the difference between amateurs and professionals. So, if you are in the market for some enduro gear which provides great performance and safety, make sure to choose the right Bike Builders.

Would you like your bike to be a bit more… evil?

Yes, safety is incredibly important, but so is the individual character of your bike. It ought to have a personality, don't you agree? The thing is that the greatest biking adventures and therefore all those precious memories we have come from a relationship we had developed with our enduro MTB bikes. That's right: friendship is what we talk about here.

In fact, this is the reason so many bikers decide to customize their gear. They want something more than just equipment. And there are not many brands out there that can provide a true personality for your gear. Evil Bikes is one of them. You have probably heard that name before, but you ought to hear it again and again, because it's simply worth it. Evil Bikes. Definitely something to check out before summer starts.

The best custom bike builders in Europe

The other guys you should investigate are the Bike Builders. They are true bike adventurers themselves, and that's one of the things that makes them masters of the enduro MTB craft. They are well known in Britain and the whole of Europe, actually. The reason for that is simple: customer satisfaction. An experienced biker can be peaky, and many of them decided to trust the Build Bikers with their two weal machines. No complaints so far. Feel free to check it out for yourself.