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Iodine supplements for effective thyroid protection

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Dietary supplements with iodine have become increasingly popular recently. This is related to the beneficial effects of iodine, which, however, should be handled very carefully.


The best solution is to take dietary supplements, which provide an adequate dose. In this article, we will answer the basic questions that most often appear on the web, such as the benefits of taking iodine and whether it protects against radiation.

What are the benefits of taking iodine?

Iodine has anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and expectorant effects. In addition, it is effective in the treatment of fungal skin diseases. The advantages of iodine clearly show that preparations such as liquid iodine have a positive effect on the body and are able to counteract a wide variety of diseases.

iodine liquid supplements are also often recommended to vegans and pregnant women and mothers who are actively nursing. Why? Because adequate levels of iodine are crucial not only during the various stages of the infant’s development in the womb, but also immediately after birth - for both mother and child. The most important thing is to take such supplements in consultation with a doctor, who will precisely choose the right dose of such a product. Iodine liquid from NutriLink is most often recommended.

Does iodine protect against radiation?

Iodine is commonly associated with the fact that it counteracts radiation. It protects the thyroid gland against the negative consequences of radiation by blocking the absorption of radioactive isotopes by this gland.

Therefore, in the event of a nuclear power plant accident, take iodine to protect the thyroid gland and the entire body.