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How to combine colourful shoes with the outfit?

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Colorful shoes Colorful shoes

Choosing colourful shoes can be a great way to make your outfit bolder and eye-catching.

Some basic rules of composition can help you with keeping harmony between all its elements. Are you wondering how to put all of the colours and textures together to achieve a stunning effect? We've prepared a guide to making it easier for you.

Choosing a colourful element or using various ones can be a great way to create a beautiful outfit. Remember, however, that operating with contrasts is not the only rule you should hold on to. Regardless of which part of the outfit is colourful - top, trousers, skirt, or even shoes - it's worth paying attention to complementing it with appropriate shades to make the effect harmonic. 

What rules should you have in mind?

#1 Use complementary colours

Using the colour wheel can be a great way to make stunning combinations in which the colours harmonize. Reach out for it and check which shade is complementary to the one you chose as your main detail. They should be facing each other on the colour wheel. 

For example, for the bright blue, the complementary colour is orange. The closer to green the blue is, the more reddish the orange becomes. And, analogically - the closer to violet the blue is, the more yellowish is the orange. For the navy blue suit, the yellow shoes will be perfect. If you want the details on your shoes to look the boldest possible, searching for this kind of colour contrast is also the best solution.

The best way is to take a look at the wheel yourself and learn about the complementary colours. 

#2 When you don't want to risk bad combinations, stick to white, black or beige

That's the easiest and the safest solution. Sometimes we just want to add a little colourful detail without making the outfit an eye-catcher. Colorful shoes work just fine if combined with one of these neutral colours. Total black look with the pair of shoes in fluorescent colours? That's the best example of urban chic.

#3 Put matte and shiny together

The colourful shoes will be even more eye-catching if you choose contrasting textures. Shiny details in the shades of metal, gold, silver, or brass look stunning, particularly with the darker blue or green. Playing with textures - for example, choosing the combination of velvet, suede, and leather - will add another dimension to your outfit.

Investing in one pair of colourful sneakers or elegant boots can be a great way to revitalize your wardrobe. If you cannot find a combination you're searching for, you can always order tailor-made custom mens shoes - just as you want them!