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How to choose a perfect sweatshirt for sports activities?

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When practicing sports on a daily basis, we become more conscious of the importance of the appropriate clothes. If well-chosen, they can make the exercise much more enjoyable.

Here are some tips on choosing sweatshirts for winter sports.

Many sports lovers practice their favorite disciplines outside, regardless of the weather conditions and temperature. If dressed properly, you can safely practice most sports, including jogging or biking. 

Good shoes are essential for your safety, but you should also pay importance to the clothes, including sweatshirts. They should, first of all, fit the requirements of a particular activity. There are, however, some features that all sports clothes should have in common. We've gathered them to make it easier for you to find just a perfect clothing match among the Carhartt sweatshirts!

The material - which one to choose for your sweatshirt?

When it comes to sports clothes, the material is the fundamental aspect to pay attention to. Natural ones will be a better choice for the layer close to the body. Cotton, for instance, lets your skin breathe and facilitates the transpiration of water. At the same time, cotton is light and dries up fast.

If you're searching for sports clothing that will reduce not only the sweating itself but also its smell, you should search for textiles that contain silver fibers. They have antibacterial properties, and it's the bacteria that are responsible for the unpleasant scent.

The sweatshirt shouldn't be made of water-resistant materials that make transpiration impossible. It's better to wear the rain jacket as an additional layer while facilitating transpiration with a layer closer to the skin.

Additional features - what to search for?

Material is essential, but it's also worth paying attention to other features, such as the shape of the sweatshirt. The loose models may be cozy and comfy, but actually, the tight sweatshirts are much better for sports activities. Such a format makes it easier for the humidity to transpire and it keeps you warm. 

The pockets are also worth paying attention to when searching for a sweatshirt for sports. If you want to listen to music while exercising, it's worth choosing a model with a small pocket that you can close, adapted to the shape of the smartphone and mp3 player.

Another significant aspect is the hood. It can be useful while practicing sports, but only if it's well-designed. The hoods in sports sweatshirts should have a welt so that you can adjust them to the head and prevent it from falling. 

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