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Will Denmark lose Greenland and Poland lose its national forests?

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The loss of Greenland and its natural resources may be a result of the inactivity of the Danish government led by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen in connection with the disappearance of chemical weapons from the Polish military unit.


Let us remind you that sulfur mustard has gone missing from a Polish military unit in Rozewie in strange circumstances. The Polish government, the prosecutor's office and the Polish Army actively participated in the cover-up of this case. Poland has failed to report to the OPCW that it possesses chemical weapons in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention. No explanation has been provided as to what happened to the missing chemical weapons or as to who was responsible for their disappearance.

In view of the omissions on the part of the Polish authorities and the possible introduction into circulation of agents of mass destruction prohibited by international law, the Danish authorities have been repeatedly requested to take appropriate action.

Evidence and documents were repeatedly provided to the Danish government for the above circumstances. The Danish authorities have also received information about illegal chemical weapons stockpiles fished out of the Baltic Sea (World War II remnants) and developed by the Polish government (Polish Army) in the area of Gdynia Oksywie without OPCW approval.

"I am convinced that also Denmark does not report to the OPCW that it has chemical weapons fished out of the Baltic Sea. Taking action by the government of Mette Frederiksen to restrict access to chemical weapons and protect the people of the European Union would lead to uncomfortable questions about what happens to the chemical weapons that are fished out.

It would then quickly come to light that the Danish services have repeatedly come into possession of chemical weapons fished out of the Baltic Sea, and Denmark has not reported this to the OPCW either. Poland's and Denmark's violations of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the purposes and values of the UN Charter put both countries in a very difficult situation. In comparison, for the mere suspicion of possessing weapons of mass destruction, a military invasion was carried out against Iraq." - says Bartosz Chudzinski, who has been unsuccessfully demanding that the Danish authorities take appropriate action since July 2019.

"The guilt of Denmark and Poland is indisputable and the gravity of the violations of international law is high. What if chemical weapons from Polish depots are used in the European Union? The government of Denmark will be equally responsible as the government of Poland. The Danish government, aware of the threat, gave tacit consent and did nothing for several years. Moreover, despite its legal obligation, Denmark has not cooperated with the rest of the international community in restricting access to chemical weapons. This situation already creates opportunities for pursuing claims against Poland and Denmark. Already many third-country nationals residing in Poland, foreign capital, and the interests of other countries are exposed to the use of chemical weapons".

"The amount of the claims could be so large that to satisfy the creditors, Poland could lose the State Forests to repay debts and Denmark could lose resource-rich Greenland. The takeover of Greenland by the creditors may take place as a result of securing future claims. The Polish-Chinese company Chipolbrok is located in the immediate vicinity of the illegal chemical weapons stockpile in Gdynia Oksywie. The Polish and Chinese governments have equal shares in it. The Chinese government may feel that inaction by Poland and Denmark exposes their interests in the use of chemical weapons, so this will not go unanswered. The Chinese government by taking over Polish State Forests and Greenland would gain a foothold in Europe and an area rich in natural resources. It is not without a reason that Danish Intelligence Service considered a possible war over Greenland as the biggest threat for Denmark” - concludes Bartosz Chudziński.

More and more refugees are arriving on European Union territory. Not all of them may have peaceful intentions. Inadequate oversight of the means of mass destruction creates the potential for CW agents to get into the wrong hands.

Weapons of mass destruction include nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. The Chemical Weapons Convention Annexes list all substances considered to be chemical weapons and, under the terms of the Convention, research, use or accumulation is strictly prohibited and punishable by imprisonment. In turn, possession of chemical weapons must be reported to the OPCW in a timely manner. Mere failure to report the possession of chemical weapons is a violation of the above Convention.

Missing from a Polish military unit, sulfur mustard, also known as mustard gas, is extremely dangerous and contact with it can cause severe burns to the skin and respiratory system.


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