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Where should stone sinks be installed?

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Some people consider them to be great for exotic SPAs and wellness centers or resort, while others like to have them in a totally different surrounding, such as a cottage house in Alps. It proves that stone sinks are absolutely versatile.


Which stone sinks are the best for a bathroom?

Of course there is no single answer because it truly comes down to one's taste. If you prefer modern and minimalistic look, the marble or quartz sinks may be the ones that you are looking for. The opposite collections would be the ones where the sidewalls of the sinks are left untouched, such as stone sink made of river stone, basalt or granite. There are also sinks that are made of onyx or, special ones, made of ancient fossilized tree trunks called petrified wood. Possibilities are countless.

Are stone sinks good for kitchen?

If the sinks are not prepared well, it may not be a good idea to install them in the kitchen. The reason for that is stone's susceptibility to strong detergents, such as dishwashing liquid.
While at first the stone may not appeared damaged, over time the chemical compounds of the dish soap can gradually damage the stone sink's surface which may end up in the sink soaking water and even breaking at some point.

It is generally not advised to install stone sinks in the kitchen. However, certain types of them are more resistant and durable. For instance - river stone sinks made by Lux4home™. It is also essential to protect the sink bowl by applying adequate stone impregnation or considering not washing the dishes in that particular sink.
Lastly, marble sinks should not be taken under consideration for kitchen at all. This material proves not to enjoy the detergents even more than aforementioned river stone

Stone sinks placed outside?

They can of course be installed in exterior areas, with small exceptions. Marble sinks should rather stay indoors, as this material is less solid than, for example, basalt. If marble sink is placed outside, it definitely needs an extra care. This is not an issue for the rest of these beautiful washbasins.

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