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Tea is one of the most popular drink in the world

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Tea is one of the most frequently consumed drink in the world, whose making and consumption dates back to thousands of years. What to keep in mind to have a true drinking experience? How to make this special drink?


The first step is to find the perfect blend

The making of a perfect tea comprises some important steps, all of which needs to be taken into account. First, one must get hold of a perfect quality tea blend which comes from the right place. It is also important that the tea provide exceptional taste and also have health maintaining effects. However, most tea blends available in shops don’t have these characteristics since they contain a lot of additives and aromas. Due to this, considering both aspects, these blends are not a good choice. Instead, it is worth choose the new tea concepts of PraanTEA, which contain thoroughly selected ingredients coming from reliable sources. These premium quality teas contain natural and gluten free ingredients. They offer inimitable taste without any additives or aromas. They have numerous positive effects thanks to their health enhancing components. The collection of PraanTEA comprises eight premium blends which contain black and green teas, dried fruits and yoghurt and honey powders. Each blend guarantees an outstanding taste experience as well as having significant content values. They have exceptional stress relieving and immune boosting effects. Furthermore, they are rich in vitamins and contribute to a healthy digestion. In addition, they help keep both the heart and the brain healthy. Having a fresh and light taste, PraanTEA blends offer a fantastic taste experience, moreover, they can reduce fatigue and can enhance performance. They have proven positive effects on the body thus it is recommended to consume them daily. Besides these positive effects, these blends contribute to the daily fluid balance as well. Due to their intense and special flavour, these blends do not require additional flavouring, they provide special experience by themselves. Moreover, added sugar or sweeteners would significantly weaken the health enhancing effects. PraanTEA contains carefully selected ingredients coming from reliable sources.

Tea making requires concentration, patience and care

In order for tea to provide a special experience, besides the buying, one most pay special attention to the making of tea. Tea making requires concentration, patience and care. Fresh and light water is needed which contains the sufficient minerals. Spring water is perfect for making tea. If there is only tap water at disposal, it should be filtered by a water filter. This way water can be cleaned from chlorine which would otherwise badly affect the taste of the tea. Another thing to pay attention is that the water should never be over boiled. Tea should be made according to the instructions on the packaging, respecting those regarding the quantity, steeping and water temperature. All the useful instructions can be found on the packaging. As for the tools, it is recommended to use porcelain or glass pots. Many use tea egg infusers for scalding but in this case it is important not to fill the infusers so much that the water cannot properly pass through the tea and the substances cannot dissolve adequately. In addition, tea should be drunk without any flavouring since this how it can have the best effects. Quality teas do not require added sugar or lemon juice. Nevertheless, it is also important to pay attention to the storage of teas. It is important to store them in a protected, dry and cool place, keeping away from sunlight in order to preserve their taste value.

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