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Is Beagle a dog for you?

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Many of you appreciate Beagles and know them very well.

This specific breed distinguishes by several historical traits. If you are considering buying this type of dog, it is worth learning more about it.

The Beagles are a very old breed of dogs, dating back to the Middle Ages. They were used primarily in hunting and were usually kept in packs. As a utility breed, they were used mainly in households. Over time, they also became very popular in houses. Already in the nineteenth century, the English Kennel Club defined the characteristics of this breed.

Features of the Beagle breed dog

The main character trait of the beagle is the hunter's temperament. Due to this condition, there are other difficulties and challenges that a dog of this breed presents to his owners. Beagles love movement, and new places and they follow the trail without thinking. This is where problems can arise, as the dog tends to run away and may not respond to recall attempts. In this situation, the best solution will be to run the dog on harnesses, which you can choose from many offered by Bowl & Bone Republic.

On the other hand, he has inexhaustible energy and is extremely sociable and playful. He likes activity, and challenges and for this reason, he is recommended to families with an active lifestyle. It requires regular movement, long walks, and daily stimulation. After a day filled with movement and fun, he will be more willing to rest in the lair designated for him. In this case, we recommend the LOFT line from Bowl & Bone Republic.

LOFT line from Bowl & Bone Republic.

The best companion for walks

What do we value Beagles the most for? We consider both character traits such as sociability, energy, and happy disposition, but the appearance of the dog is also important. The distinguishing features of this breed are beautiful colours and a proportional body structure. Beagle is not a large dog. The weight reaches 15 kg and reaches a height of 30-40 cm. He has a strong back and chest. His head is large, and his ears are hanging down. The coat is short and may have several colour variants.

Beagle is a great partner for walks, but it will also keep pace with lovers of long-distance runs. What is important for many of us - it does not cause major problems with children, because she loves company and constant fun.

However, there is a rule that is better to follow when taking care of a dog of this breed - training. Since beagles have a strong and independent character from childhood, they should undergo obedience training. Once established habits in these amazing dogs will allow us to fully enjoy their presence in our lives.

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