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Some Advantages of Using Wood as a Building Material

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Wood holds historical significance in house building as it was one of the old building materials. The practice is again becoming popular due to its exceptional properties and mind-blowing looks. In addition, the wooden homes are full of warmth and an eco-friendly option. So, let's look at some significant advantages of using wood as a building material.


Tensile Strength of Wood

The tensile strength is the maximum load a material can withstand without stretching. Well, the tensile strength of the wood is good. It can support its weight well. So, while designing wooden houses, you can opt for larger spaces and fewer necessary supports. It makes it very durable and gives longevity to wooden houses.

Wood is Electrical Resistant

Wood is electrical resistant, so it does not allow electricity to pass through it. The electrical non-conductive nature makes it less prone to accidents due to electrical failures. When wood is dried to a minimum or standard moisture content, it has a natural resistance between 7 to 12%. This is for a majority of wood species. So the more the wood is dry, the more electrically resistant it is.

Wood is Heat Resistant

Also, wood's resistance or heat-storing capacity is impressive and makes log cabins a good insulator. The porous nature of wood stores heat and gradually releases it at night to neutralise the wintery nights.

These insulated log cabins experience reversal during summertime as outside heat doesn't enter the home due to insulation. This excellent electrical and heat resistance of wood makes it easy to warm up and cold down the house. Thus, pressure on electrical gadgets is less, making it economical and environment friendly.

Sound Absorption

Wood has excellent sound absorption due to the presence of air pockets. It absorbs the sound vibration more than it reflects. So the wooden homes are quiet, soundproof and have less echo. It's perfect for having a noiseless bedroom, study and office rooms.

Aesthetic and Individual Style

Wood is one of the unique elements as every wood has some unique characteristics. It's one of the most primitive housing materials for a reason. The wooden shades and colours have positive effects on members. Also, the open beams, nails, polishes, and wooden logs look so vintage and unique.

The best part is you can customise your log cabin with modern amenities; large size windows create a perfect home in no time. In addition, the transport, building and maintenance are time and cost-efficient.

Wood is Renewable

Wood is a renewable source of energy and environmentally friendly. The trees are specially grown for house-building purposes, and a new forest is grown. As soon as the tree is cut, a new one is planted. It makes this single building component renewable and eco-friendly and doesn't pressure nature at all.

Let's Wrap it

Our ancestors evaluated all these excellent wood qualities long ago, and they opted for it as a building material. As people become more environmentally conscious, they realise the benefits of wooden houses and their beauty. So, consider all these factors before you plan your perfect log cabin.

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