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Furniture accessories. How to replace?

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Cabinet hinges Cabinet hinges

Every piece of home furniture contains furniture accessories in addition to - as a rule - wooden components. Many of them should work for the entire life of the furniture.

For example, elements such as screws, metal reinforcing elements or frames. However, not all of them will last for the entire life of the furniture. There are some, which over time break, undergo breakdowns or become worn out. They need to be replaced. How to do it?

Cabinet hinges

Cabinet hinges can be replaced very easily. As a rule, the spacing between the holes with which hinges can be screwed onto furniture doors is standardized, so there is no need to choose hinges from a particular company. However, it is worth remembering that some hinges are mounted in places specifically prepared. In wooden elements you can find milled holes, to which they need to be mounted. When choosing new hinges, it is worth paying attention to this, because it is not possible, for example, to mount a hinge with a square cross-section into a semicircular hole. Ideally, before buying hinges just unscrew the old and take one of them to the store to compare with the new one.

After installing the new hinges, it is necessary to check their correct functioning and how the cabinets close. Usually it is necessary to adjust these elements so that everything works perfectly. This adjustment is not difficult. It is enough to use a screwdriver and correctly adjust the hinges so that the furniture closes and opens perfectly.

Drawer slides

Drawer slides sometimes break. This is less common in drawers with metal runners. With plastic ones it is a very common problem. They break because of unskillful opening or closing of drawers. They also often break due to wear and tear on the material.

Replacing drawer runners is not a problem. But when you buy new ones, make sure they're the right length. Adjustable length runners may also be an option. However, the screw-on component should never be longer than the length of the drawer. The width of the runners is also important. If they are too wide, there may be a problem as they will not fit into the drawer opening along with the drawer. For example, the sides of the drawer will need to be milled to ensure that the runners are inside the drawer and not on the outside.

Replacing such parts is easy

Changing furniture accessories is not difficult. Practically everyone can cope with them. It is always worth remembering to buy properly matched elements, because only then repair involving the exchange of furniture accessories will make sense.

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