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Drawer Slides

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Drawer slides - Furnica Drawer slides - Furnica

Drawers are everywhere - in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. No drawer, even the most beautiful and best suited to the design, can function without certain mounting elements.

Drawer slides are the necessery elements of drawers, without which the drawers couldn’t operate, they enable to open and to close the drawers. Nowadays, we can choose from many different products. Appropriately selected slides will make our drawers work perfectly and their functioning will not cause us any problems. Furnica’s wide range of drawer slides will definitely meet every customers expectations- even the demanding ones. Taking the importance of this product into conideration - it is worth taking into account a few issues before making a final decision.

What to look out for in drawer runners?

First of all, determine the purpose of the drawer. When choosing the slides it is important to know what items we want to store for example: for kitchen drawers storing heavy objects such as pans, dishes etc.- we should choose slides allowing very high level of maximum load capacity. It is important that the drawer should have the appropiate strenght. Parameters for constructions and maximum drawer extension also worth to consider carefully, the biggest slide extension, the bigger access to storing objects. Another important element is the type of drawers slides. It all depends on the type of drawer we plan to equip with them. In general, there are following variants of slides: roller slides, ball-bearing slides. The first ones are perfect for smaller drawers, due to their construction their maximum lifting height is normally around 20-25 kilograms. Ball bearing slides are perfect for drawers that will be storing much heavier objects, because their maximum load capacity can be up to 50 kilograms.

Drawer slides – essential elements

As you can see, drawer runners are an essential part of every house, apartment, office etc. They drawers work flawlessly and they make the use much more comfortable and unproblematic. The high quality of the material guarantees the solidity and durability of the construction. Appropriate selection of guides will ensure that they will not fail too quickly and will serve us for many years. In addition to slides, the assortment includes also elements for their assembly, which guarantee the proper fixing of slides and their proper operation. Drawer slides - Furnica

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