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Dropper bottles: one of the easiest packaging options

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Dropper bottles are relatively small Dropper bottles are relatively small

Dropper bottles have big tradition in the category of pharmaceutical and beauty products.

They are great for easy storage of special oils and ointments, bathing products and other types of special products as well. All In Packaging offers a great price on dropper bottles and you can even order larger quantities of over a thousand. If you are looking to package a new oil, a new type of strong seasoning ingredient or something similar, you have come to the right place.

The advantages of dropper bottles

Dropper bottles are relatively small, so they are mostly designed to package and store products from which usually a small quantity is required for a certain experience. They are frequently used as the packaging option for special bathing oils, skin care and beauty products, but also sometimes to store seasoning products. The dropper bottle is operated at the top basically as a pipet which you compress, and the tube sucks up fluid from the container. When you release the rubber part of the pipet, the oil or other substance is delivered to your choice of surface.

Dropper bottles are extremely cheap and sturdy, plus they look quite good! Most of the time, they are transparent, but you can also order them in several colors. For oils, a darker, lightly transparent color is a popular choice, but you can emphasize the liquid if you want by selecting a fully transparent glass finish. Most products can be ordered in other colors than those displayed, but also in colors of your choice. Dropper bottles are cheap and you maximize your profit from ointments, oils, beauty products or special seasoning products by using them as packaging.

How much should I order?

We can provide you with bigger volumes or just with a few dozen. It is completely up to you, but bear in mind that the price gets cheaper the bigger the quantity. Please understand that a longer than displayed shipping duration may be in place for certain products, and there also may be a minimum quantity when ordering.

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