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Bad product design and key mistakes to avoid

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Delivering the best possible user experience is a long journey with plenty of obstacles on the way. There are so many examples of bad product design and they almost always result in customer dissatisfaction and then leaving the platform.


It does not matter whether you have your eCommerce platform, holiday booking site, a financial consultancy company, or a fintech startup your site must be up to market standards.

Let’s have a look at some bad UX writing and designs

If your code is not maintained and written well, then your site may load slowly, which can easily result in potential customers leaving the platform without actually buying anything or using your services. Another aspect of it could be not working CTA buttons, a password recovery option that does not give any feedback (even worse when you can get locked out from your account after a certain number of incorrect login attempts). Another drop in the ocean of bad product design could be the lack of localization.

Not everybody speaks English and you have to keep this in mind, especially if your product or target audience is a niche, for example, Hungarian speakers that are interested in locally-grown spices. You also have to make sure that the alphabet you are using is shown properly on the webpage and does not interfere with buttons, or banners, otherwise, your site or app could easily be distorted or not even function properly.

Bad product design examples

Bad product design examples

Proper customer flow and hierarchy

Let’s dive into another bad product design example, namely the lack of proper flow and hierarchy on your site. All buttons and notifications have to be clear and well-structured so that they won’t get lost during the process. You have to provide them with a clear path toward the final checkout. 

If your users cannot understand the logic, nor they are properly informed (lack of localization, pop-ups, or well-placed CTA buttons) they will not start trying and clicking through dozens of pages just to find the relevant information. They will just simply leave… So how can you be sure that you are not implementing bad product design? Always gather customer feedback, try to imagine the flow through their point of view, and make sure that they are guided during every step of the user flow. By implementing changes that are needed and welcomed, you can be sure that your customers will have the best possible experience while scrolling through your site. I hope you enjoyed our guide about bad product design and key mistakes to avoid! And with our tips you may develop your product better!

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