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Saturday, 19 August 2023 13:41

Bespoke ties London – a good recipe to make an impression in business

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Bespoke ties London Bespoke ties London Źródło: unsplash.com Licencja: https://unsplash.com/license

Despite the growth of casual fashion, good quality ties are still extremely important. They tell quite a lot about a man. That can be seen not only during a wedding, but in the world of business most of all. Let's talk about it for a moment. Let's see why bespoke ties should find a place in your personal wardrobe.


Luxury ties are essential

Some say there is a certain pattern in fashion for businessmen. A luxury watch. A haircut that's perfectly trimmed. Leather shoes on the feet. Although a suit isn't always a must nowadays, most business meetings do require a full uniform. Show up without a tie and you can make a bad impression. Wear the cheapest tie available and things can get even worse.

Just like a watch or a belt, or any clothing accessory for men, a luxury bespoke tie sends the right message. People judge, mind you. They talk afterwards. A lawyer, a new employee in a bank managing firm, a corporate advisor – they all need to use their appearance in order to make a statement about themselves. A bespoke tie from London is most certainly a detail necessary to do it properly.

A handmade tie is more representative

Today, bespoke silk ties made by hand add a bit of drama to the statement we mentioned above. They tell a more complex story about the gentlemen who wear them. That’s because they are unique. They represent not only individual fashion tastes, but personalities as well. Custom ties simply match men better.

You can choose the fabric, obviously, the colors and overall design details. Professional craftsmanship will do the rest. London bespoke tie makers are especially known for their talents, not mentioning the respect for tradition. That composition has a meaning in business, even within the modern-day tech industry. Use this for your own benefit in the office.

Bespoke ties don't have to be expensive

Let's talk money now. Well, bespoke ties London won't be as inexpensive as those bought in a supermarket. But they don't have to cost like a Bentley, either. In fact, a middle-class wallet can support a few bespoke ties in the closet. The final price depends on specifications, naturally, and the fabrics. But even the most fabulous handmade ties won't dry your finances clean. And you will still have a lifetime suit accessory. Don't forget the impressive business appearance. Your career might not depend on it, but it can definitely become better-looking. Dress like a proper gentleman at work. Make the right fashion statement.

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