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AR Technology for Beauty for business applications

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How Makeup API Speeds Up Virtual Try On App Dev and Saves Money

 Augmented reality is confidently blending into everyday life. It is relevant to all areas, and therefore business owners are gradually adopting the tool when developing their own applications. Gucci, Ikea, and Toyota were among the pioneers on this path. However, other companies will soon catch up with them as well.

The development of applications with augmented reality is of interest to business owners from the entertainment sector. At the same time, these tools are gradually being introduced in healthcare, education, engineering, and other industries. They help to expand the business, to attract as many customers as possible. Today, one of the most popular tools is the makeup filter SDK. It is relevant both for owners of online beauty stores and business owners in different spheres. Using AR Technology for Beauty, you can try on your eye shadow, lipstick, or blush. Also, a unique image will be created for conferences or video content generation with the help of augmented reality.

Benefits of Applications with AR Technology for Beauty

The development of applications with augmented reality tools is quite a promising idea. Today, this technology is not for games only. The expansion of its footprint means that it is being used everywhere. The advantages of using augmented reality include the following:

  • unique user experience;
  • increasing sales;
  • monitoring of the target audience;
  • increased efficiency of business processes.

New technology can help you provide customers with a unique experience. It will increase user engagement, and improve interaction with your product/service. Makeup filter SDK enables you to try on makeup. Tools associated with garments and jewelry are also in demand. Customers are interested in features enabling the virtual arrangement of furniture, paintings, and wallpaper at residential or office premises.

For instance, an app has been developed for trying on glasses. Users can choose the model they like and see how it fits them. The system uses realistic materials and takes into account refraction, reflection, and much more.

This kind of experience contributes to positive customer feedback. No special equipment is needed to use augmented reality elements. All operations are performed via smartphones or a web browser.

As for boosting sales, everything is obvious here. The customers have products clearly demonstrated, they see all their features and understand that a certain model is appropriate for them. Now there is no need to buy beauty products, watches, or furniture following only one's own imagination. Accordingly, the users act in a more committed manner.

Using AR technology provides access to comprehensive analytics. You will get data that will improve your understanding of consumers, to become familiar with their concerns. This will help you find out what preferences your target audience has in order to offer the most sought-after products.

Criteria to Consider When Creating Augmented Reality Apps

If you want to draw attention to your business, expand your market footprint, and increase customer engagement, consider several criteria when creating an app, including the following:

  • availability of augmented reality content;
  • introduction of pop-up notifications;
  • the use of a QR code scanner;
  • the ability to share information on social networks.

Augmented reality content is computer-generated data. It is added to the real environment perfectly enriching it and adding a certain " flavor". Models are mostly created in 3D but visual, audio, or video enhancements are possible as well. For example, when using the makeup filter SDK, the user selects the color of lipstick, eyeshadow, etc.

Pop-up notifications (Push) are one of the channels used to communicate with customers. Notify users about updates, deals, sales, and discounts. Such notifications improve interaction and increase sales.

QR code scanners are effective tools for real stores. They allow customers to get detailed information about a certain product and, if necessary, to take advantage of the virtual fitting.

Sharing information on social networks is an important part of advertising your products and company. If the customers like the product, they will be willing to share the information with their friends or subscribers.

Makeup Filter Online: Best Business Solution

Developers create many tools for business development. One of them is the makeup filter online. You can use it to change your look, select hair, and eye color, and improve the quality of videos and images.

Makeup API has been released by Banuba. The tool makes it easy to create accessories and test makeup styles online. You can use it for free during a trial period to familiarize yourself with the operating features. Then you will get access to certain functionality, which depends on the selected subscription.

The Makeup API enables you to test skin care products, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, and more. The entire process is performed in real-time, and it can be used with individual products as well as with combined beauty product ranges.

Professional beauty tools make makeover changes available in a single click. Inspire users and encourage them to buy makeup with realistic makeup filters.

Makeup API for New Platform Developers: Why Is It Required?

The Makeup API is an opportunity to coordinate existing effects and eliminate code duplication. Developers can use the beauty features in their apps, which will significantly reduce the time it takes to create similar content on their own. App users will get more tools and objects while trying on virtual makeup.

Makeup API: Basic Features 

Using a smartphone camera, customers will be able to check out beauty products before purchasing them. The key features include:

  • eye makeup. Here, the eye area is highlighted and a color overlay is applied. This feature is required to try on the eyeshadows. The eyeliner and mascara can also be tested;
  • lipstick. The lip area is highlighted in real-time. Its color can be changed according to the selected option. Matte and glossy lipsticks are available;
  • foundation. The entire face is segmented, which enables you to try on a base foundation for makeup, skin whitening, or tanning;
  • highlighting certain areas. For instance, the forehead or cheekbones are segmented. A colored texture is applied to these areas; it is different from the foundation. This is how blushes and other products are tried on;
  • eyebrows. The corresponding area is highlighted. This is necessary to change the shape or color of the eyebrows.

In addition to trying on beauty products, the makeup API has other functions that help to enhance the look, including the following:

  • teeth whitening. A radiant smile will instantly attract attention;
  • facial transformation. This feature enables users to find their ideal look. For this purpose, the facial features (nose, chin, etc.) can be changed;
  • eye color. The iris is segmented, and then the selected color is applied. This is how a virtual lens fitting is done.

If you use a set of features rather than just one, you will achieve a certain effect. The latter is customizable exclusively by the developers. For example, the first effect includes lipstick fitting only, and the second one includes lip and eye makeup, as well as teeth whitening. It all depends on what the developer intends to offer the user.