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All about thong

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perizoma da donna perizoma da donna

Many women and girls had to decide what clothes to wear under a tight translucent dress or how to capture the imagination of a beloved man? The best answer to this question is female thongs.


The name of the panties comes from the English word string, which translates as “rope” or “lace”. They consist of a small tissue triangle, complemented by a narrow strip between the buttocks and braid, elastic or a strip of fabric at the top, on the waist line. Such underpants can have both high and low fit. Sew thongs of lace, silk, satin and other fabrics.

These small elegant panties leave the buttocks fully open, creating the illusion of the absence of underwear on the lady. Therefore, they look incredibly sexy, and also do not stand out under tight clothes, allowing a woman to look dazzling in any outfit.

The history of the "invisible" cowards

Thongs appeared in the first half of the 20th century in America, and they were intended for strippers. In those days, in the United States there was a law prohibiting exposing intimate places in public, and almost imperceptible panties helped dancers, being naked, to remain law-abiding. Thongs later gained popularity among the masses. Now they are worn by a variety of girls in all countries of the world.

Types of Thong

This type of lingerie, in turn, is divided into four subspecies.

  • T-thong. The front of the panties is a classic triangle, the back is formed by the intersection of the braid or thin strips of fabric in the form of the letter T. The back of the panties can be decorated with some decorative element. Such a model is ideal for tight-fitting trousers or a tight-fitting skirt.

  • G-string. A small fabric triangle has been added to the back of the rope.

  • V-thong. These women's underpants resemble the previous look, but the triangle at the intersection of the fabric strips is not filled with fabric, but exposes a patch of skin.

  • C-thong. This is the most open model - on top and sides, the fabric (braid, elastic bands) is replaced by transparent silicone tapes, so that visually the panties cover only the most piquant places. Such underpants can be worn under a lace dress, and your appearance will not be spoiled by inappropriately peeping under the lace underwear.

There are also types of underpants in which the features of the string are combined with the cut of other models. For example - shorts-thongs, which not only sexually expose the body, but also help to adjust the figure due to the presence of a wide front insert.

To feel free and comfortable in perizoma da donna, you need to choose panties of your size. You should not wear underwear that is not enough for you - this will create discomfort, besides, the stripes breaking into the body leave traces and do not look very beautiful.